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Work-Readiness Program

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Work-Readiness Program –¬†6 week¬†(including placement support)

Why Work-Readiness?

We have assisted learners who have either completed high school, or a diploma or degree, but have not been able to secure sustainable employment. Not being able to find decent employment can be a serious cause of hardship for learners and their families.

Since 2003 we have delivered work-readiness programs as post-matric and post-graduate programs and assisted participants to find employment afterwards. Over 11,000 learners have completed these programs and at least 90% have found and are enjoying decent employment and careers.

Having a qualification is not the same as having a skill. Many, many, graduates complete their qualifications but do not have the exposure to employment and what it is that makes someone really and truly ready for work.

Soft skills or life skills are one of the important missing ingredients to being work-ready. There are other factors as well, some of which are addressed on our program, but interactive communication skill, how to operate within an organization, professional attitude and skill, office systems and efficiency methods, dealing with tricky bosses and colleagues or angry clients are all areas not usually covered in a formal qualification.

We have identified all these critical skills and built them into a 6-week program delivered as a blended mix of academy time and home or online work.

A new approach

We start with the idea that we can in fact understand everything 100%. This is possible. The idea that too many universities have is that to pass your exams is the important factor. For example, if we achieve a 60% pass mark, we can graduate. On our work-readiness program, we ask, what happened to the other 40% of the knowledge? A 60% pass means 40% knowledge lost. We have structured our programs in a way that assist you to achieve 100% understanding. All our learners achieve this. This is a new approach and one that helps you develop a skill that is needed in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Modules and outcomes are:

Lifelong Learning Skills:

  • Vital information regarding achieving a full understanding. How to survive the next 10 to 20 years in a world that is changing at a rapid pace. What learning skills are the most important skills you need to make it to your career goals? This course provides these skills.

Interactive Communication Skills

  • This is a unique course dealing with employment communication skills, how to deal with clients, how to hold your space and be confident when communicating with clients, colleagues and those in senior positions. The course is very practical and includes various intensive exercises that actually change and improve your interactive communication skills. Many learners over the years have pointed to this course as being fundamental to their future success.

Principles of Professional Conduct

  • This course surprises many learners in the ground it covers. We gave researched and collected 19 main principles that you need to know to succeed professionally. The course gives both theory and practical exposure needed to learn these powerful skills and enables you to operate professionally, now and into the future.

Office Orientation Skill

  • We have collected over 40 individual lessons you need to learn to succeed in the workplace. Learners who have failed in the past did not know these skills. We have identified them over 14 years and share them with you on this course. It is like a basket of tools we show you that you will be able to use throughout your career. You will gain a familiarity with the wok environment and the confidence to start work and be a success.

Word / Excel

  • Some of us have an understanding of these valuable programs but not a real skill where speed and confidence is also part of the skill. We cover these program intensively and in a way that gives you confidence and skill, to use them effectively in the work-place. Whatever we know already about these programs, much more can be learned.

Interview Skills

  • This is a short practical course to improve your interview skills. We will also assist you in creating a decent CV and make you ready for that important employment interview.

Career Guidance

  • During this work-readiness program we will touch on careers and what path you could follow and the important factors to consider. This is very enlightening and valuable to all learners. Most graduates of our program have not really understood these paths properly and value this short intervention.

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