Financial services needs of a business

(NQF Level 5 – 54 credits)


This short course is targeted at individuals working in the financial services sector, as well as employers who wish to sponsor these individuals. When combined to earn a minimum of 120 credits, the learner will be awarded with the National Certificate Banking, one of the FSB recognised qualifications for Category One institutions. The course can be delivered either using a blended model of distance learning combined with online resources and a coach, or through workshops delivered at the premises of a company (with a minimum of 8 students).


This course is targeted at service and sales individuals working with businesses in the financial services sector, and includes one of the fundamental unit standards required to earn the National Certificate Banking.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, the candidate will know how to:

  • Develop a profile of a business: background, history, legal structure, ownership, company goals, financial performance, and financial management policies
  • Develop a profile of the environment, the industry and market trends, and understand the position of the company in relation to competitors
  • Assess budgets and apply financial statement analysis
  • Conduct broad risk analysis
  • Identify the nature and range of financial services needs of the company
  • Match the needs with financial service products and discuss with the client
  • Understand basic principles for client communication

Unit Standards awarded on successful completion of this course:

  • SAQA ID: 7345 (Fundamental – 20 credits); 15236 (4 credits); 7346 (30 credits)

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