Ivy Rathogwa – Testimonial

Regulatory Exam for Representatives (RE5) Course:

Being on the GTIB RE5 course was a pleasant experience. Their RE5 course material is structured in a way that is not complicated and easy to understand. The material gives you a proper breakdown of the laws and rules that apply to representatives.

As a student I had access to online mock exams and assessments which helped me track my progress and improve on the sections that I was lacking on, and if there was anything I did not understand on the course material I also had help from a knowledgeable facilitator who explained the material to me.

I have always wanted to do RE5 for a long time with influence from a friend of mine from varsity who is in the financial services industry. My main problem was where and how do I begin, the material that my friend gave to me to study with was too overwhelming and not properly structured which made it difficult for me to go through on my own. With the GTIB course, all of that was no longer a problem.

The course is outlined in a way helps you understand the material, instead of just looking through confusing laws and legislatures with big words. Thanks to GTIB I managed to pass my exam on the first attempt.

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