Dr Charles Ramano – Testimonial

Assessor Course:

The training was done through intensive distance learning with highly interactive sessions with the full support of the facilitator. At times, sessions went up to 23h00. The support from the facilitator reflected pure commitment and his full understanding of the learning material. The facilitator was optimally supportive from the beginning (online sessions/evaluation) up to last form of assessment which he conducted on myself as his candidate. The facilitator provided additional input in the form of additional notes and leaning material to enhance the assessment experience.

The facilitation process involved a lot of theory to practice which was very substantial with trials and errors immediately rectified in an intellectual manner, thus making the remedial permanent in my mind.

The facilitator went through the entire leaner/student manual with me. We went page by page highlighting important assessor/candidate information. The facilitator touched on important aspects that the Assessor should be on the lookout for during an active assessor and candidate session. We went through all the guidelines in perfecting an Outcome based Assessment.

The facilitator went through the Mock Assessment with me before the pre-meeting and post meeting, making the process a smooth transition to the final Assessment.

The highly efficient GTIB material made it easy for me to go through the provided manuals and to identify the parts which I needed assistance on before engaging with the facilitator. The language and explanation used in the GTIB material is to the point. Allowing any student, regardless of their educational qualifications to immediately understand what is explained as well as what will be expected of them at the end of the project. External links (i.e SAQA and SETA) took me directly to the information that I was required to find. The links are up-to-date and did not fail me throughout the training.

When it lastly came to the turn for me to be the candidate and Mr Shongedza as the Assessor, no favors were drawn in my favor. The Assessor insisted on unfailing professionalism on the side of his evaluation of me. He wished that I keep to the same quality of responses to questions as I did with my mock and final assessment of my own candidate. The facilitator expected me to keep to time frames stipulated and be open in my responses. There was no intimidation and I was allowed to pick my own venue where I would be comfortable. I was never discouraged throughout my evaluation and the assessor respected the space and ethics of Professionals.


Mr Innocent Shongedza (The facilitator) is highly skilled and well informed in the sphere on Outcome Based Assessment/s. The patience of the Facilitator and patterned guidance made it easy for me to completely understand what is required of an assessor. The assessor was available throughout my learning process. He fully availed himself when I was assessing my mock and final candidate. He guided me on the steps, wording, manner and acceptable behavior of Assessors. He also hinted on what to spot and how to unbiasedly evaluate/score my candidate.

A skilled, smart facilitator (Mr Innocent Songedza) has led to the creation of an outstanding Assessor ready to join and be part of Registered Outcome Based Assessors. I now proudly master the art of Outcome Based Assessment.

Wherever I land the opportunity to perfume Outcome Based Assessments, I will always credit the good and quality training that Mr Innocent Shongedza and his support team. I will highlight that GTIB provided delivery methodology and support in a recognized, acceptable professional method.

I will be an ambassador for GTIB in my travels locally and internationally. Dr Charles Ramano (PhD, Bus Adm, US)

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